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“Bushnell is blessed with an Austen-like mastery…

She cuts through the lies that women tell themselves about the surface equality of Western society.”
-The Guardian
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Is There Still Sex in the City?

Tickets to Candace's one woman show are now available

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"My intention when writing Sex and the City was always a feminist one. Lucky for me, fans got the memo! I was able to emphasize a new woman, a single woman in her thirties who was independent and didn't necessarily need a man to survive"
- Candace Bushnell,
NEW YOU Magazine
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True Tales of Sex, Success, and Sex and the City

In her new one-woman show, New York icon Candace Bushnell, the international best-selling novelist and creator of Sex in the City takes the audience on whirlwind tour of New York City, from Studio 54 to the Lipstick Jungle and beyond, sharing her remarkable stories of fashion, literature and sex while pouring cosmos in Manolos. Grab your Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte and join the OG Carrie Bradshaw for a Girls’ Night Out!

Bushnell’s onstage memoir proceeds at a quick clip. When she emerged from puberty flat-chested, her father said soberly, “I’m afraid no man is ever going to love you.” (“Thanks, Dad.”) She climbed off the bus to Manhattan in a Loehmann’s outfit picked out by her mother, hoping to write her way to a Pulitzer. She landed her first byline with a wry piece on how to behave at Studio 54. (“If someone dies, ignore them.”) She met her Mr. Big, and then he dumped her just as she published the book “Sex and the City,” in 1996, which would upend how readers, and later viewers, thought about women and sex.

“Candace Bushnell, the celebrated author and creator of Sex and the City, recently graced the stage at the Monte Casino Teatro, leaving the audience mesmerized by her brilliant performance. The event proved to be a sensational evening, bringing together fans of the hit TV show and lovers of Bushnell’s iconic work.”Galore SA Media  

“A celebration of Candace Bushnell’s career and the importance and beauty of being a modern, independent woman. The show is uplifting, hilarious and blunt – and the chance to see the women who started it all in the flesh was an honour of the highest order” — Theatre & Tonic

“#1 Critics Choice The Best Thing We’ve Seen This Week!” – The Times

Upcoming shows:

December 2024

“One minute Candace Bushnell is dropping gossip tastier than the first Cosmo of the night, next she’s tossing scrunchies into the audience with gay abandon. She appears as comfortable on stage as she does in a pair of Manolo’s and the audience easily warms to her easy going style. It is wonderfully written, demonstrating the skills that brought Bushnell so much success.” — Theatre Weekly

“This show is well-written, the format is brilliant and the technical aspects are fantastic. Candace Bushnell is a warm and witty performer who seems completely at home on the stage” — Broadway World UK

“Like having a private chat over cocktails, Candace Bushnell is candid and conversational, inclusive, witty. She’s having a great time on stage and it is clear that the real secret to Bushnell’s success is herself. Anyone thinking Bushnell may have peaked needs to spend 90 minutes in her vibrant company.” — The Reviews Hub

“An evening of pure joy and entertainment” — First Night Magazine

“Candace has been there, done that and is happy to kiss and tell… and she did not sell her audience short. Candace – alias Carrie Bradshaw – had come, been seen, and conquered” — Reviewsgate

“Sex and the City: naked truth from the real Carrie Bradshaw” — The London Times

“It’s everything a fan would expect — strong independent woman platitudes, odes to female friendship, realness about menopause, dating after divorce and the ‘plus years’ – but that’s exactly why we’re here.” — The Guardian

“Candid Candace put out. She was exposed and undisguised. A superb night out.” — The American


From the pioneering, New York Times bestselling author who brought us Sex and the City comes a wry, witty, and wise look at sex, dating and friendship in New York City after fifty.

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In Is There Still Sex in The City? Bushnell looks at love and life from all angles—marriage and children, divorce and bereavement, as well as the very real pressures on women to maintain their youth and have it all. This is a pull-no-punches social commentary and an indispensable companion to one of the most revolutionary dating books of the twentieth century.